Dual-in-line-Package Raspberry Pi Pico
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The DiP-Pi is line of products that support rapid idea prototyping/developing without extensive needs for soldering or breadboarding, based on Raspberry Pi Pico.
Currently we have available 10 different DiP-Pi(s), but the list is extremely fast increasing. If anyone has an idea that would be interesting also for others, can share with us and we will implement it on a new DiP-Pi.
If designed application fulfills required needs; after successfully testing, user has 3 options: • it is possible to use selected and tested DiP-Pi set and use them as they are for the application. • design the hardware by himself based on selected and tested DiP-Pi • or ask our company to design a single PCB (and if needed manufacture) based on tested DiP-Pi(s) set.
There are 3 types of DiP-Pi headers: • female (top end), • male (stack), • or female-male (Pass-Through) for stacking of more DiP-Pi.
We made all DiP-Pi compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico, and have implemented two types of sizes: 21x51mm and 65x51mm.
Yes, we done our best to keep compatibility in Pico peripherals usage, so user can stack them easy.
We cannot guarantee it, but in most cases should as far be follows the Raspberry Pi Pico dimensioning and Raspberry Pi guidelines.
Yes, we developed a buildup case able to grow up slide by slide according to dedicated application.