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PiBlock Case
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The PiBlock Case is a laser cut clear acrylic enclosure designed to provide the perfect protection for both the Raspberry Pi and UPS PIco at the same time! It contains all required cut-offs for additional cabling that can be mounted, without the need to disassemble the whole box.

The PiBlock Case is a compact and complete all-in-one solution that allows access to I/Os, Powering and User defined. Due to clear grey color, the Raspberry Pi and UPS PIco LEDs are visible, so you won’t miss out reading your systems. The PiBlock Case have also 2 Push Buttons (green and red) and one External ON/OFF.

Because the case is designed to protect the hardware, by enclosing the board, we thought that it needed a venting system, in order to enable airflow inside the PiBlock Case. It has 4 vertical rectangle holes both in the top and bottom parts, and one positioned in the back of the PiBlock Case. There is enough space for a battery (with plastic mounting base) as also an additional HAT board.

All PiBlock Cases are made from tough high quality clear acrylic material and are screwed easily with cross screws that are included. The Raspberry Pi hardware can be mounted (with screws and spacers, included) and fixed in place in the bottom of the case of the case.

This case is designed to be used with a LP4000 battery and a Terminal Block PCB, however, it can still function without it.

The PiBlock Case is compatible with both the Raspberry Pi3 Model B/B+, Raspberry Pi4 Model B.

The PiBlock Case contains:

  • All required plastic parts for full working case assembly
  • All required screws and nuts, plastic spacers
  • Mounting plastic base
  • Push Buttons: green and red (2 pcs)
  • External ON/OFF

The PiBlock Case does not contain and should be ordered separately if needed for specific application:

  • UPS PIco HV3.0A/B/B+, UPS PIco HV4.0
  • Battery (LiPO 4000 mAh, LiPO 8000 mAh , LiFePO4 4000 mAh, LiFePO4 8000 mAh, LiPO 2550 mAh, LiPO 1000 mAh, LiPO 1500 mAh, LiPO 450 mAh ) – max. size of battery: 20mm x 34mm x 56mm
  • Raspberry Pi3 Model B, B+, Raspberry Pi4 Model B
  • Terminal Block PCB
  • PIco Fan Kit HV3.0

The PiBlock Case does not contain the UPS PIco HV3.0A/B/B+ and does not contain Raspberry Pi (model 3 or model 4). If you want to purchase those, you can visit our shop.


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