DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo


ID: PM_304

NEW PRODUCT – DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo for the Raspberry Pi® Pico


DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo

Dual In-Line Package Raspberry Pi Pico
The Ultimate Universal Aluminum PICO Case
for Raspberry Pi® Pico



Dual in-Line Package Raspberry Pi PICO (DiP-Pi PICO) is a family of self-containing, stackable add-ons to the Raspberry Pi® Pico that decrease to the minimum user involvement for hardware development of application/idea testing based on Raspberry Pi® Pico.
Following this approach our company developed a series of Aluminum Profile based Cases that can held Raspberry Pi® Pico and one additional HAT on Top. Two different types of DiP-Pi Cases have been released. DiP-Pi Cases has been designed on that way, where no need to solder anything or solder just a few pins depending to the application.
Transparent Top Cover give an opportunity to the user to easy use a display or LED indications. There is also optionally white Top Cover ideal for applications where is no need to have user view to the case/system internals.
DiP-Pi Cases can be used as a stand-alone device or screwed to rails. Additional embedded functionalities are covering most of the standard applications requirements and are covering +/-12V RS232 double driver, Ambient Light Sensor Interface (Ambient Sensor is not included), 2 independent relays with appropriate Terminals Blocks, Groovy Interface (3V3 or 5V0), Groovy Interface Analog, as also 1-wire interface.
Assembly of the DiP-Pi Cases as also mounting the internals are absolutely simple and easy to be done by any even non-technical user. No soldering is required.


FUNCTIONALITY DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo

Other PICO HAT Compatibility


Compatible with All HATs, as far dimensions similar or bigger to:
34mm wide (max) x 100mm long (max)
Recommended to keep Official Raspberry Pi® Pico dimensions

Case Dimensions

43mm wide
30mm high
57mm long
Mounting Type Stand alone or rail mounting
Case Body Color Black
Top Cover Color Transparent or White
Raspberry Pi PICO Mounting way Pass through, no soldering is needed
Place for user additional parts Yes
Addition Features: None. Just hold the Raspberry Pi® Pico and optional extra HAT
      – Addition Relay none
      – Embedded PWM Sounder (Buzzer) none
      – Additional 2 User LEDs none
      – +/- 12V serial Port driver none
      – Ambient Light Sensors none
      – Groovy Interfaces none
      – 1-wire Interface none
      – PCB detailed Labeling Yes

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