DiP-Pi WiFi Master


ID: PM_202

NEW PRODUCT – DiP-Pi WiFi Master.
Designed for the Raspberry Pi® Pico.


DiP-Pi WiFi Master

Dual In-Line Package Raspberry Pi Pico
Rapid Prototyping Raspberry Pi Pico Stack-Able Boards
no cables – no solder – no lost time

Ordered Item contains:

  • DiP-Pi WiFi Master PCB
  • Soldered ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • Soldered two Female Headers
  • Soldered ON/OFF Slide Switch
  • Soldered RESET Button
  • Soldered ESP8266 Firmware upload slide Switch
  • Soldered micro–SD Card Socket

Ordered Item does not contain and could be ordered separately if needed for specific application:


  • 1-wire DS18B20 Compatible waterproof temperature sensor with cable 0.9 m
  • DHT 11 Compatible Sensor
  • DHT 22 Compatible Sensor

Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Raspberry Pi Pico with Headers

SD Cards

  • SD HC Micro 4GB Class 4
  • SD HC Micro 8GB Class 4
  • SD HC Micro 16GB Class 4

Short System Overview

The DiP-Pi WiFi Master is an Advanced WiFi connectivity System with sensors embedded interfaces that cover most of possible needs for IoT application based on Raspberry Pi Pico. It is powered directly from the Raspberry Pi PIco VBUS. The DiP-Pi WiFi Master contains Raspberry Pi Pico embedded RESET button as also ON/OFF Slide Switch that is acting on Raspberry Pi Pico Power Sources.
The DiP-Pi WiFi Master is equipped with WiFi ESP8266 Clone module with embedded antenna. This feature open a wide range of IoT applications based on it.

In Addition to all above features DiP-Pi WiFi Master  is equipped with embedded 1-wire, DHT11/22 sensors, and micro–SD Card interfaces. Combination of the extended powering, battery, and sensors interfaces make the DiP-Pi WiFi Master ideal for IoT applications like data logger, plants monitoring, refrigerators monitoring etc.

DiP-Pi WiFi Master is supported with plenty of ready to use examples written in Micro Python or C/C++.


  • Dimensions 21mm x 51mm
  • Raspberry Pi Pico pinout compatible
  • Independent Informative LEDs (VBUS, VSYS, V3V3)
  • Raspberry Pi Pico RESET Button
  • ON/OFF Slide Switch acting on Raspberry Pi Pico Powering Source
  • Embedded 3.3V@600mA LDO
  • ESP8266 Clone WiFi Connectivity
  • ESP8266 Firmware Upload Switch
  • Embedded 1-wire Interface
  • Embedded DHT-11/22 Interface

Powering Options

  • Raspberry Pi Pico micro-USB (via VBUS)

Embedded Peripherals and Interfaces

  • Embedded 1-wire interface
  • Embedded DHT-11/22 Interface
  • Micro SD Card Socket

Programmer Interface

  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++
  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico Micro Python

Case Compatibility

  • DiP-Pi Plexi-Cut Case

Informative LEDs

  • VB (VUSB)
  • VS (VSYS)
  • V3 (V3V3)

System Protection

  • Direct Raspberry Pi® Pico Hardware Reset Button
  • PPTC 500mA@18V fuse on EPR
  • EPR/LDO Over Temperature protection
  • EPR/LDO Over Current protection

System Design

  • Designed and Simulated with PDA Analyzer with one of the most advanced CAD/CAM Tools – Altium Designer
  • Industrial Originated

PCB Construction

  • 2 ozcopper PCB manufactured for proper high current supply and cooling
  • 6 mils track/6 mils gap technology 2 layers PCB
  • PCB Surface Finishing – Immersion Gold
  • Multi-layer Copper Thermal Pipes for increased System Thermal Response and better passive cooling

Designed and Manufactured in Europe