PiCoolFAN 4

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PiCoolFAN4 is an Advanced Active Cooling System especially designed for the Raspberry Pi4® for ease of use independent and autonomous cooling system. However it can also be used with all the former models of Raspberry Pi®. The PiCoolFAN4 provides an enhanced cooling capability based on embedded FAN and external temperature sensor. The used temperature sensor is placed exactly 3.5 mm above the Raspberry Pi 4 CPU. This guarantee accuracy and continuity of measuring of the system temperate as also close to the CPU environment. The PiCoolFAN4 does not need any software installation, and in case of hardware, only an extremely simple FAN mechanical mounting process is needed. Thus make it very easy and useful for any application.
If users  need to have a very accurate temperature control and more advanced features, PiCoolFAN4  can be used also with provided Daemon, that reads the exact Raspberry Pi® CPU temperature and write it via I2C to PiCoolFAN4 via I2C adjusting the FAN speed exactly to the Raspberry Pi® CPU temperature. The PiCoolFAN4 is not using any GPIO pins, and all communication with Raspberry Pi® is done only via I2C. The PiCoolFAN4 is compatible with heat-sink and with an additional 8mm header, if used, the user can have benefits of double cooling system – passive and active –  working together.
The driver for the FAN is PWM controlled, and allows user, to set the FAN speed depending of the temperature, dramatically decreasing the possible noise generation to absolute minimum. Due to special PCB construction – thanks to the Air Circulation Technology – the injected by FAN air bounces of the CPU, and by absorbing  its heat, escapes through special circle shaped openings above. This design guarantees proper air circulation and maximizes the cooling efficiency even in a low FAN speeds (very low noise generation). The PiCoolFAN4 FAN speed is adjusted automatically to temperature threshold.

The PiCoolFAN4 is standard equipped with:
– Battery Backed Hardware RTC DS1307 (coin battery 1220 optionally ordered),
– 2 user LEDs (RED and Green),
– 3 System LEDs (Cold, Hot, FAN – running)
– ESD Protected 1-wire interface (5/3V),
– Infra-Red Receiver interface,
and optionally:
– with High Current Relay Kit,
– and programmable sounder.

Due to existing of embedded temperature sensor and Infra-Red Receiver, and no need for any software installation, the user can easy adopt the PiCoolFAN4 to Media Player like KODI.