Designed for the Raspberry Pi® 4.


PiCoolFAN 4

Ordered Item contains:

  1. PiCoolFAN4 HAT PCB
  2. FAN
  3. 4 x mounting plastic rivets for FAN assembly
  4. 4 x 7mm mounting standoffs and nuts
  5. 3 pin header for easy 1-wire interfacing
  6. Coin Battery for HW RTC 1220 Lithium 3V (pre-order offer only)

Ordered Item does not contain and should be ordered separately if needed for specific application:

  1. Infrared Receiver
  2. 40 pin header for extension to other HATs and mounting standoffs and nuts
  3. Sounder
  4. High Current Relay with 3 way Terminals Block, 4 x 12mm mounting standoffs and nuts, 40 Pin Header 

PiCoolFAN4 is an Advanced Active Cooling System especially designed for the Raspberry Pi® 4. However it can be used also with former models of Raspberry Pi. The PiCoolFAN4 provides an enhanced cooling capability based on embedded FAN and external temperature sensor. The used temperature sensor is placed exactly 3.5 mm above the Raspberry Pi 4 CPU. This guarantee accurate and continuously measuring of the system temperate. The PiCoolFAN4 does not need any software installation, and for hardware an extremely simple FAN mounting process is needed. Thus make it very useful for any application. However if users need to have a very accurate temperature control and more advanced features, can be used with provided Daemon, that reads the exact Raspberry Pi CPU temperature and write it to PiCoolFAN4 via I2C.

The driver for the FAN is PWM controlled, and allows user, to set the FAN speed depending of the temperature, dramatically decreasing the possible noise generation to absolute minimum. Due to special PCB construction – thanks to Air Circulation Technology – the injected air bounces off the CPU, and by absorbing  its heat, escapes through special openings above. This design guarantees proper air circulation and maximizes the cooling process even in a low FAN speeds (very low noise generation).

For optical User Interface, PiCoolFAN4 is equipped with 3 LEDs (Blue, Green and Red), informing user about current condition of FAN and system temperature.

PiCoolFAN4 can be used as it is mounted on top of the Raspberry Pi, however user can use extension header and the PiCoolFAN4 can be used with others HATs.

The PiCoolFAN4 is not only an Advanced Active Cooling System, it is much more. The PiCoolFAN4 is in addition equipped with Hardware Battery Backed RTC DS1307, 2 User LEDs, IR Receiver,  Sounder that can play music, ESD protected 1-wire interface (5V and 3V) as also with Relay.

The Sounder, Relay, additional 40 pin header and IR need to be bought separately if needed to selected application.

For pre-orders our company is offering for each PiCoolFAN4 a free coin battery to be used with HW RTC DS1307 and sounder. Delivery 3rd decade of August 2019.

3D PDF – please download and open with Adobe Acrobat