AA NiMH Battery Holder


ID: PM_037

NEW PRODUCT – AA NiMH Battery Holder.
Designed for the Raspberry Pi® 4 Model B


Triple AA NiMH Batteries Holder HAT

Triple AA NiMH Batteries Holder for UPS Pico HV4.0B Stack/Advanced/PPoE

Ordered Item contains:

  1. Triple AA NiMH Batteries Holder HAT
  2. Mounting Spacers, screws, nuts need to mount on the Raspberry Pi® microcomputer

Ordered Item does not contain and should be ordered separately if needed for specific application:

  1. 3 x AA NiMH Batteries 2000 mAh set

System Overview

The Triple AA NiMH Batteries Holder is a add-on to the UPS PIco  HV4.0B Stack/Advanced/PPoE that allows to use wide available AA NiMH batteries. They are low cost and offer a plenty of different capacities. Also due to batteries shipping restrictions it allows to ship UPS PIco HV4.0B everywhere as AA NiMH batteries can be sourced locally.

Due to enhanced new boost converter implemented in the UPS PIco  HV4.0B these batteries now can be used with the UPS Pico HV4.0B Stack/Advanced/PPoE without any restriction providing acceptable time of working on battery.

It is not allowed to use other types of batteries than AA NiMH.

This product is COMPATIBLE with Terminal Block PCB.