Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

Our Company is offering a wide range of designing and manufacturing of electronic products services.
It implements business to business chain through dedicated industrial and proven channels.

End-to-End OEM dedicated Products Design and Manufacturing

  • Includes Support in Product Specifications Preparation, Electronic design, Simulation, PCB design, Firmware design and Manufacturing, and finally testing.

From Idea to final Product Manufacturing

  • Customers do not need to provide a full specification of the desired product. Just an idea is enough for us. We will support the customer to convert his idea to a final product doing exactly what the customer likes and usually much more.

Custom adaptation of already existing products

  • Our company is offering Firmware and Hardware OEM adaptation of our existing products.

Custom Dedicated Manufacturing of existing products

  • Our company is offering a full chain of components sourcing, SMD and THT manufacturing, up to final product testing and packing though a dedicated and approved subcontractors.

Our Team

  • Is based on, inhouse engineers with over 30 years’ experience, however we are also in close collaboration with many proven and validated outsources, helping us in dedicated tasks implementation.

Our Tools

  • For the designing and simulation processes our company is using the most advanced CAD/CAM tools.