UPS PIco HV4.0B/C  Stack/Advanced and Passive PoE (PPoE)

The Ultimate Power System with RTC, Enhanced Peripherals and I2C control Interface

Intelligent Mobile Power Bank

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UPS PIco HV4.0B Stack  UPS PIco HV4.0B Advanced  UPS PIco HV4.0B PPoE 

      UPS PIco HV4.0B/C Stack              UPS PIco HV4.0B/C Advanced              UPS PIco HV4.0B/C PPoE

We are happy to announce that the new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is now public!

The new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is fully compatible with older models of PIco HV3.0A/B/B+ however it is equipped with plenty of new features.

The new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is offering now continuously power backup 3.2A at 5.25V !

It has been designed for Raspberry Pi® 4, but it is compatible with all former models of Raspberry Pi®.

Now the new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C contains 2 backup power sources that can be used together or separately (Super Capacitor and/or Battery). All UPS PIco HV4.0B/C are equipped now with +/-12 V RS232 driver by default, and Advanced and Passive PoE with FAN.

The new version of UPS PIco HV4.0B/C PPoE has an embedded Passive Power over Ethernet converter on the PIco PCB, so the user can have an easy handling, low-cost powering installation via Ethernet.

The UPS PIco HV4.0B/C Advanced is now accepting an External Powering Source from 5.5V up to 32V DC

For ordering, please select version of UPS PIco HV4.0B/C you prefer and build up its configuration online.