UPS PIco HV4.0B/C   Stack/Advanced and Passive PoE (PPoE)

The Ultimate Power System with RTC, Enhanced Peripherals and I2C control Interface

Intelligent Mobile Power Bank

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UPS PIco HV4.0B Stack  UPS PIco HV4.0B Advanced  UPS PIco HV4.0B PPoE 

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We are happy to announce that the new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is now public!

We have had an exceptionally long delay, due to Corona Virus pandemic, but now we have finished development/Manufacturing and ready to distribute it. Each UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is now packed in a special anti-static, UV sterilized and air/humidity isolated package.

Thanks to all the beta testers that spent their time testing our product and their features in order to indicate any possible problems.

The new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is fully compatible with older models of PIco HV3.0A/B/B+ however it is equipped with plenty of new features.

The new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C is offering now continuously power backup 3.2A at 5.25V !

It has been designed for Raspberry Pi® 4, but it is compatible with all former models of Raspberry Pi®.

Now the new UPS PIco HV4.0B/C contains 2 backup power sources that can be used together or separately (Super Capacitor and/or Battery). All UPS PIco HV4.0B/C are equipped now with +/-12 V RS232 driver by default, and Advanced and Passive PoE with FAN.

The new version of UPS PIco HV4.0B/C PPoE has an embedded Passive Power over Ethernet converter on the PIco PCB, so the user can have an easy handling, low-cost powering installation via Ethernet.

The UPS PIco HV4.0B/C Advanced is now accepting an External Powering Source from 5.5V up to 32V DC

For ordering, please select version of UPS PIco HV4.0B/C you prefer and build up its configuration online.