PIco LiFePO4 Battery 4000 mAh 2C


ID: PM_052

PIco LiFePO4 Battery (Long Time)


The UPS PIco – LiFePO4 Battery 4000mAh is a LiFePO4 battery specially designed for the UPS PIco and UPS PIco HV3.0. Simply remove the small default LiFePO4 from the PIco and swap it with this larger version to upgrade and extended the capacity to 4000mAh!

Technical Specifications:

Type:                           LiFePO4 2C 3.65V/3V

Capacity:                     4000 mAh

Size:                            Φ26*H65mm

Weight:                       60g

Power Cable Length:  70mm

Protection Type:         Embedded PCB/PCM (Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current)