1000F Super Capacitor


ID: PM_099

1000F Super Capacitor


1000F Super Capacitor

Product Characteristics

  • Cylindrical shape structure, Small Volume, Large Energy
  • Small Self Discharge – 100,000 self-discharges
  • Long cycle life – After 180 days full charge, SOC is more than 80%
  • Fast charge – We can do 5 to 10 min fast charge
  • Hight Energy – The energy density reaches 70Wh/KG
  • Low Temperature – -40°C ∼ +70°C range of operating temperature
  • High Safety And Reliability – We haven’t received any report of fire or exposition

Technical Specifications:

Type of capacitor:                     super capacitor
Rated Capacitance:                   1000F
Rated Voltage:                           2.7V

ESR (mΩ):                                  35

Normal Current (A):                  0.5
Max. Continuous Current (A):   1.2
Max. Peak Current (A):              3
Leakage Current (mA/72hrs):  ≤5
Product Size:                             Ø14x51mm
Product Weight:                        17g