3000F Super Capacitor


ID: PM_098

3000F Super Capacitor


3000F Super Capacitor

Product Characteristics

  • Cylindrical shape structure, Small Volume, Large Energy – up to 70Wh/KG
  • Fast cycle life – We can do 5 to 10 min fast charge
  • Long cycle life – The number of cycles of deep charge and discharge can reach 1 to 100,000 times, no “memory effect”
  • Small self discharge – After 180 days full charge, SOC is more than 80%
  • Good ultra-low temperature characteristic – Wide temperature range -40°C ∼ +70°C

Technical Specifications:

Type of capacitor:                     super capacitor
Rated Capacitance:                   3000F
Rated Voltage:                           2.7V
Surge Voltage:                           2.85V
Internal Resistance(AC):          17mΩ
Energy Storage:                         3Wh
Normal Current:                         1A
Max. Continuous Current:          5A
Max. Peak Current:                    10A
Leakage Current (mA/72hrs):  ≤10mA
Cycle Life:                                  ≥100,000
Operating Temp. Range:           -40°C ∼ +65°C
Storage Temp. Range:               -40°C ∼ +70°C
Protection Class:                        IP30
Product Size:                             Ø18x65mm
Product Weight:                        39g

High Safety And Reliability

  • Nail Penetration Test: No Explosion, No Fire
  • Vibration Test: No Explosion, No Fire
  • Drop Test: No Explosion, No Fire
  • Crush Test: No Explosion, No Fire
  • Overcharge Test: No Explosion, No Fire
  • Over Discharge Test: No Explosion, No Fire