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After powerup the LED SYS is lighting continuously

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I have a problem with the new UPS Plco HV4.0 (UPS Plco HV3.0 ist not available).

The firmware update 0x0133 is done and I have access to all registers, the board is also running. So far so well.

But after powerup the LED SYS is lighting continuously, that means the board is waiting for the RaspberryPi (I suppose so).

Unfortunately the manual is under progress, so I hope you can give me some hints to solve the problem.

Thank you.

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The continuously lighting SYS LED means that the Daemon is nor working properly or the Raspberry Pi is not running. The simples way is to run from a command line to see the results i.e.

sudo python

if after this command LED start blinking, then you made mistake during daemon installation. This part is very detailed described in the manual.

Keep me informed

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Firmware Update 12.06.2022
UPS PIco HV4.0 New Firmware, Manual, Bootloader V0.3A released Version 0133_12062022. Click here to download everything.

My interpretation of everything was wrong. So I used the file also for daemon.
Please add the files and for daemon from update 10.05.2022.